Monday, July 1, 2013

June Recipe Re-Make Recap

June is typically a busy month for me due to the end of the school year and all that comes along with that. This year was more crazy than usual due to the fact that I had ABC World News (watch the video!) filming in my classroom, local news in the classroom, Landon finishing up his first year of daycare, and a vacation planned for the day after school let out. All good things, all exciting things, but all things that had an effect on how much cooking got accomplished this month! Lets just say there were several frozen pizzas and orders of take out consumed 'round here! However some things were remade and they were delish!

First up was this chicken pesto pasta bake. I love this meal for so many reasons but the ease of preparation and delicious end results seriously can't be beat.

Sticking with the pesto theme I remade this pizza Italiano. This time I used shredded mozzarella instead of cubes of fresh mozzarella and I left out the red pepper because I didn't have any, but even with those changes it was still delicious. I am such a sucker for chicken on pizza.

Landon is still on a dipping streak so I made this yogurt dip twice for the little bugger. I love this because I can squeeze some additional calories in him with the use of the sunflower seed butter and he doesn't even notice!

This month I made my favorite cookies ever. It's the only recipe on the blog that's titled with something other than what it actually is (meaning it's not called "peanut butter chocolate chip cookies") because it's just so good it deserves distinction. This time I used Biscoff instead of peanut butter so that Landon could have some. While still good, I need that peanut butter taste, so next time these will be made and hidden from the littlest member of the Stephanie Cooks family.

We hosted a Father's Day BBQ so the following recipes were all part of that menu. I started off with spinach dip, like always. I need to retake this picture because it's kind of crummy and I remake it monthly, so I'm constantly seeing this crummy picture haha! Over the years I've cut the mayo down to 1/4 cup. You'd never know the difference but it saves some calories.

Next up was the pasta salad. I make this for all summer events and really think it's a must have. I used regular tricolor rotini instead of tortellini, but it's good no matter how you do it.

The hit of the party this year was the baked beans. This was definitely the show stealer- everyone loved it. It's really so easy to make but the results are just amazing. I made it ahead of time and just baked it while everyone was eating appetizers. Perfect for a party!

Last but not least I made these brownie bottom delights for dessert. I left out the peanut butter cups because, again, Landon would want some and I didn't want to deny him. One thing I've learned from parenting a child with a peanut allergy is that peanuts and peanut butter really make everything better and it stinks that he can't experience the joy!


  1. Yummy recipes! Just wanted to let you know that I’m hosting a Giveaway…hope you enter!

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  3. So many delicious memories.