Sunday, December 30, 2012

Top 10 or 2012- My Choices

Well, yesterday I brought you the 10 recipes with the highest hits of 2012. Today I bring you the ten recipes I loved most. One recipe that should appear on both lists is the recipe for chicken marsala casserole, but rather than being redundant, just know that is one of my absolute favorites as well! So let's get this party started, shall we??

In no particular order, my favorites this year were...

Baked ravioli caprese was a real winner around here. I think the original source had it as more of an appetizer but I've made it as a dinner a few times this past year and we loved it each time.

Now, in the top 10 recipes based off hits alone, there was only one dessert. I am a dessert lover so you will quickly see that many of my top recipes from the year are desserts. One of them being these easy snickerdoodles. They use a cake mix as a base and are just delicious!

I have made this recipe for BBQ chicken pizza at least once a month since I first made it in June. I'd even say that I probably made it twice a month some months. We love love love this pizza.

I just posted about these brownie bottom delights in mid November and I have already made them two or three times for various parties, events, etc. I really love them... there's nothing better than brownie, chocolate chip cookies, and peanut butter cups.

Similarly to the bars above were these delicious peanut butter smores bars. I'm sorry... if you're not drooling at the oozy goozy marshmallow creme... you and I probably wouldn't be good friends.

Now based on this post you might assume John and I subsist on sweets alone, but I swear I cook real meals. Sometimes. And when I do, one of my favorites is cajun shrimp pasta. This was just amazing. Spicy, rich, full of flavor... really a winner in our house. If you don't eat shrimp you could easily substitute chicken.

A lighter option (because really... how much butter and cream did I use in the above recipes???) is this vidalia onion and peach tomato sauce. I'd suggest waiting until the summer to make it when all of the ingredients are at their peak.. but bookmark it and make it. I froze a few big batches and really enjoyed having this fresh sauce for easy dinners.

If I let John vote for his favorite meal of 2012 I can assure you it'd be this chicken and mushroom pot pie. Landon would probably agree with John that this was a real winner. Both of them ate more of this than I ever expected. I clearly need to make it again soon.

BBQ chicken enchiladas is an easy weeknight meal that I have made quite a few times this year. I was on a total BBQ sauce kick this year and I think it shows with BBQ sauce being featured in 2 out of my 10 favorites!

And lastly, a favorite of my whole family, is this recipe for Oreo fudge bars. I originally posted these when I first started my blog but I reposted them this past year and really can't emphasize enough how much we love them.

I hope your 2012 was delicious, plentiful, and fulfilling. For 2013 I wish all of you nothing but health and happiness, and maybe some delicious treats to get you through any rough days.

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  1. Great list! I used to love BBQ chicken pizza but haven't made it in ages-I'm now craving it!