Friday, November 30, 2012

November Re-Make Recap

So Cassie over at Cassie Craves is one of my favorite bloggers. In October she posted a "re-make recap" of the month of October- all the meals she had remade from her blog. I LOVED this idea. As a food blogger there is a lot of pressure to constantly have new material to blog- therefore you are constantly making new meals and trying new things in the kitchen. Taking time to highlight some meals we remade will be great for both me and you! For you as a reader you'll get to see what I really like and remake as well as any changes I've made overtime, and for me it'll be a reminder and encouragement to remake some old recipes!

So without further ado, here's what I remade and enjoyed in November.

Skinny Greek Yogurt Chicken is one of my favorite recipes. The topping is great and so flavorful, plus it's easy to make. I have made it ahead of time (like the night before) and just tossed it in the oven when needed. This time I made it with thin chicken because it was all I had and it worked better than I expected. It's definitely better with thicker chicken but the thin was good. John, who is not a yogurt guy, said "What kind of cheese is this? It's so good!" The topping can really trick even the most reluctant eaters.

Chicken pesto pasta bake is a great recipe for using up rotisserie chicken. I buy a rotisserie breast 1-2 times a month so I am always looking for ways to use it. This is such a family pleaser in our house so we were all happy to have it again.

BBQ chicken pizza is probably the pizza I make most frequently. I love it! I love the combo of flavors and I always have the ingredients on hand. Such a family pleasing meal around here!

Tortellini soup is one of Landon's favorite foods. I make it slightly different for him (I use frozen chopped spinach and instead of red peppers I throw in peas/carrots) but it's the same base recipe. He eats so much of this and it's great because I get a ton of veggies in him this way. Luckily he's still at that age where he eats everything- we haven't entered the picky toddler years yet.

Revolutionary macaroni and cheese is another of Landon's favorite meals. A few months ago we were really struggling with Landon's eating. When he started daycare and I returned to work he refused to take a bottle/cup. He was used to nursing and was not willing to take a bottle. Everyone told me to give it time, he would take it. Well, he never did. Three months later he is just starting to drink water from a sippy. He also went on a strike at daycare and refused to eat there too. So he was going all day with no liquids or no food. Now he's a whole new little man and eats a LOT of food. To the point where we sometimes have to say, "That's enough Landon." This macaroni and cheese is one of all his all time favorites and I love it because it cooks in the milk. I don't bake it when I make it for Landon and I add peas and carrots. 

Pizza Italiano is a great recipe. The pesto and oil make the chicken amazing. The cheese is light and spread evenly over the pizza so it's not a heavy meal. We loved this as much the second time around as we liked it the first time.

Thanksgiving gave me the opportunity to remake a ton of our favorite recipes. Some of the meals I remade for Thanksgiving were...

...Corn casserole- this is hands down my family's favorite side. I make it for Thanksgiving and Easter and it is the most popular thing I make.

...stuffing- This is the only stuffing recipe I use. This year I used half regular bread cubes and half cornbread cubes because the store was out of just regular bread cubes and it was still really good. I also never use the fresh parsley anymore. I just throw in some dried and call it a day.

...Spinach dip is another part of the meal that my family expects. I've been making this version since 2008 and rarely make another variety. And when I do I typically regret it and wish I made this one. I have changed it over the years- I use 16 ounces of sour cream and about 1/3 cup of mayo. I don't love mayo so I prefer it this way.

...Brownie bottom delights were excellent for dessert. I could eat these daily.

I can't wait to see what I remake in December! I forse many cookies in my future...

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