I love hearing from you! I do get several questions often, so I figured I'd compile them all in one place.

Why did you start a blog?
Honestly- I have NO idea. I was reading food blogs regularly and figured "Hey, why not?!" So I decided to throw my hat in the ring and try my hand at blogging.

Were you always into cooking?
To some degree, yes. My definition of cooking has greatly changed, but even as a kid I loved to cook. I used to like to make the Rice-A-Roni for my mom, or bread the chicken, etc. At about 13 I started really helping with making dinner (although my parents were still the main cooks) and it went from there. Through blogging I slowly began changing my definition of homemade meals and have really evolved as a cook.

How do you eat all of this stuff and not gain a ton of weight?
The truth? I started this blog and gained 30 pounds. OH WAIT... that's not what you wanted to hear? Haha, well it's true. But the good news is I lost it all, while still keeping this blog. I learned to watch my portions. I also learned to give away most of my baked goods- a very important lesson.

How does John (my husband) eat all of this and not gain any weight?
Hands down- this is the question I get asked the most by people we know in real life who read the blog.  I always say the same thing- he's a freak of nature with the fastest metabolism in the world. And also, I serve vegetables/salad with every meal and we both watch the portions. Plus I try to use lighter ingredients to prevent us going overboard.

How do you work full time and blog so much?
Easy- this is my hobby! I love doing this.

I want to start a blog- what tips would you give me?
1- Post often and regularly. It can be twice a week- but then stick to that- your readers come back when they know there will be something to see! I try to do it every other day- life happens- but I try.
2- Work on your pictures. Particularly if it's a food blog.
3- Comment on other blogs if you want people to "discover" you.
4- Post for YOU, a following will come if you keep it up. Don't blog and expect a following to happen over night. It took me about 2 years to get a solid following (and it's still small by many standards!)
5- Network- join facebook, twitter, etc.
6- Find your voice and use it. Be yourself- show your true colors- and don't worry how you sound. I know darn well I sound like a dork often- but that's me!

What are your favorite meals?
Hmmm... I love so many... but if I had to pick a few, these would be them:
Thai Chicken Pizza
Peanut Noodles
My favorite cookies- PB chocolate chip (I know... not a meal... but I love cookies!)
San Giorgio Baked Ziti

What ingredients do you always have on hand?
Pasta (short tubular pasta, long pasta, and orzo)
Rice (white and brown)
Chicken Broth
Shrimp (frozen, raw, peeled and deveined)
Diced tomatoes
Tomato sauce

How does John feel about your blogging? Does he mind losing time with you?
John is my biggest fan. When I had no readers but him and my mom (hehe) he'd comment on every post to make me feel good. That's slowed down now that you all read it, but he still reads all my posts and gets excited for me. He promotes me at work and even passes out my business cards at certain events! He is amazing.

Do you have kids?
Yes I do! I have a beautiful baby Landon and if you read through the blog often enough you will definitely hear about him and his antics.