About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog, Stephanie Cooks! I'm Stephanie (obviously!) and I am thrilled to have you visiting my blog.

I started this blog in 2008 on a whim. I was a regular reader of cooking blogs and decided, "Hey, why not?!" When I originally began this blog my cooking skills were limited. I used mostly prepackaged items and combined them in one dish. To me, this was homemade. It was through this blog that my love for cooking has grown and developed. I challenged myself to make new things and eventually learned that I was far more capable in the kitchen than I had ever imagined.

I am far from a professional. I am 100% self-taught. I learn from watching others cook on TV, I learn from reading cooking magazines and cookbooks, and above all else I learn from blogs! I believe in cooking with real, fresh, and wholesome ingredients. I also believe in quick meals that use common ingredients.

I currently live with my husband and faithful taste-tester John, as well as my two awesome kids, Landon and Emerson.

Aside from cooking I spend my time teaching. I am in my 12th  year teaching. I spent the first four years in first grade and I have been in fifth for the last 8 years. I love both grades and truly enjoy my job. The two pictures below are of me in 2010 when I had hit my goal weight on Weight Watchers. I'm working to get back to the shape I was in in these pictures... but boy, do we have  a ways to go!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog.