Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Homemade Soy Sauce (Soy Free Soy Sauce!)

Ok people. Sit down. This is big. Homemade soy sauce. With no soy. Now if you don't have a soy allergy it might make more sense to just buy your own run o' the mill soy sauce, but for people like ME who are dealing with soy intolerances this is the best news. Even if you can eat soy this is great bc you can really control the sodium in this recipe and therefore make it less salty, which is always an issue with soy sauce. Not to mention it's fun to make something from scratch rather than buying it from the store.

Now I'm sure you're wondering if it tastes like soy sauce. Not 100%, but it works. If you taste it straight, like with sushi or on your finger for a taste, it's not exact. However I've used it in recipes that call for soy sauce and it works beautifully. I wouldn't even realize it wasn't the real deal when cooked into recipes. I have to give a big shout out to Cathy at My Kitchen Journey for thinking of me and sending me this recipe. It has been a life saver!

Source: Chloe's Kitchen by Chef Chloe Coscarelli

1 cup vegetable broth
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
2 tsp molasses
1 tsp sea salt
Pinch garlic powder
Pinch  ground ginger

1- Combine all of the ingredients in a small saucepan.
2-Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, stirring frequently.
3- Reduce heat to medium and allow to lightly boil for 5 minutes. Allow to cool then store in an air tight container in the fridge for up to 1 week.


  1. so glad this worked out for you!

  2. Thanks so much! This is so great be us my friend just found out she is allergic to raw fruits and veggies, soy, milk, nuts, corn, and wheat. She'll be psyched! And an eAsy recipe too!!

    1. How is your friend doing? I found out not too recently that I am allergic to raw fruits and veggies, corn, soy, fish, shellfish, and wheat, and I am at a complete loss at times. Any advice your friend has would be great!

    2. Hey so this is a little old but wanted to share.. I thought my son was allergic to corn, raw fruits and veggies because he started breaking out in an all-over itchy skin rash shortly after consumption. When I switched to organic, the problem disappeared. Turned out he was reacting to the pesticides. Too bad there wasn't an easy fix for wheat, eggs, dairy, garlic and soy! Will be trying this recipe soon! Without the garlic, of course.

    3. Very interesting.. my daughter has the same thing.. switched to organic and the problem vanished..

    4. I have allergies to...seems like everything! Organic makes a huge difference. Soy is still the worst, tho... and found in EVERYTHING, including the so-called "butter" and "olive oils" used at many restaurants. My immunine system has also benefited greatly by regular consumption of a high quality probiotic. I used to break out in boils all over my body but now I have gone 2 years since my last incident. Thank you so much for the opportunity to enjoy some of my favorite Asian recipes! P.S. Be sure to do skin tests for your food allergies because the blood test results vary drastically from skin. I personally have little faith in the testing of blood for food reactions. IMOHO.

  3. I'm making orange chicken tonight, and will be using your soy free, soy sauce recipe. Thanks again!

  4. we tried it last night in making san choy bow and it worked real well. A nice and easy recipe to follow which will make Asian food easier in our household now.

  5. Thank you so much. I am nursing a 4 month old and he has an allergy to milk, soy, and gluten. I'm going to use this recipe for tomorrow's 4th of July tri-tip. I am so relieved that I found you're recipe. 4th of July just would be the same with out our traditional food.

    1. Oh good I'm so glad you found this recipe! And good luck with the allergies- my son is now 7 months and has completely outgrown his dairy allergy, but the soy one is still going strong.

  6. Thanks for posting this! I was recently diagnosed with a severe soy & nut allergy (anaphylaxis). I haven't been able to eat anything Asian inspired since November. Can't wait to give this a shot!! Thanks again for sharing!!

  7. Hi Stephany! I found your blog through Pinterest while looking for a homemade soy sauce. I'm trying to eat more "clean," so I'm avoiding soy and wheat however I can. Oh, and I'm a homemaker who LOVES making everything homemade, so that's a bonus!

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that this was delicious! I just made it and I'm really impressed with how well it works as soy sauce! I actually cut the molasses down just a little, just to cut out a little sugar, and it was nom! Thanks for sharing your recipe! I will be forever grateful!

    -Carrie Homemaker!

  8. Sounds delicious - but everyone be careful - MOST vegetable broth on the market contains soy! So be careful what you make it with!

  9. A HUGE thank you, I love Asian food and I have not been able to use the soya sauce in the stores, due to allergies and the salt content, this is so PERFECT!! I made Chinese stir fry and put a bottle of this home made soy sauce on the table and people loved it and didn't know it was not store bought, my little secret :-)

  10. Is there a way to do this in the microwave? We are temporarily without a cooktop...

    1. I'm not familiar with microwave cooking beyond reheating leftovers so I'm not sure :(

  11. Hello Stephanie..I am in Fiji. Is there anything else I can use to replace Vegetable Broth and Molasses. Please let me know.

    1. Hi there... not that I know of. Those are the key components, I'd be reluctant to replace them.

    2. Not sure about the vegetable broth, but the Molasses can be replaced by Buckwheat Honey.

  12. Thank you for a great and easy recipe. I have a gf/sf little boy. Yay, we can have homemade fried rice with some flavor now!!
    Thank you for sharing.

  13. How do you use a cup of soy sauce in a week? I love soy sauce, but even for me that's a bit much.

    1. I make Chinese scjcken wings with the no soy sauce. My daughter is allergic yo soy dainty and all cow products I really have an issue when she stops breathing. She is 23 years old there was not Internet but I've learner over the years (teenage years worse wanted to be lime everyone else she would try a little and push her boundaries not anymore). But the chic wings taste very close to the Chinese restaurant ones so here goes delicious

      3-4lbs chic wings rinsed and DRIED
      1/2 c cannola oil
      1/2 cup no soy sauce
      1/2 tea spoon garlic powder or 2 crushed cloves
      1/2 tea spoon ground ginger
      pinch of salt and pepper if desired

      Mix all together except wings heat over to 375°
      place wings in backing dish with at least 1inch side
      spoon over every wing bake 45 min. Remove from over drain juice place under broiler for about 2-3 min. Nice and crispy no one will know there is no soy and not fried. So good enjoy.

  14. I have a soy allergy as well and have been living without Asian foods. Can't wait to try this as an alternative. Any suggestions on shelf life? Thanks!

    1. The recipe says that it lasts 1 week. I kept it 2-3 weeks and it was fine.

  15. This is amazing!! I've been making it for a while now for cooking. One of my boys has 9 anaphylactic allergies, soy being one of them.
    A note about shelf life....
    I freeze by 2tbsp in an ice cube tray then store in a Baggie. Then I have it on hand when needed!


  16. Thanks so much for the SOY Free recipe:

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    That is such a misleading statement, Soy a member of the bean family
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    One should keep a vigilant look out for their Family on this toxic topic!

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  17. Too bad it has mollases in it as well. That is a sugar which I am not allowed (nor any artificial sweetner). Perhaps that could be replaced with honey, which still isn't that good for you but in moderation should be fine.

  18. I just made this tonight. Replaced the molasses with honey, and didn't add the ginger. I also cheated and used water mixed with that horrible vegetable powder instead of vegetable brother. It was great! Didn't taste exactly like soy sauce, but actually, I think I liked it better! And it was definintely close enough. I used it in stir fry. A little goes a long way...

  19. I am so glad you talked about using honey here. The sauce above tasted so good...better than real soy sauce to me. However, I am very allergic to sulfites and molasses is very high in that so I had allergic reactions. I can't use balsamic vinegar because it also has sulfites, but tried apples cider. Now going to try rice vinegar with honey and see what happens. What did highly allergic people do before the internet? Probably like I have been doing for two gluten free years...eating the same things over and over....Thanks you again.

  20. I found your recipe by doing a google search. You see, I cannot eat lots of sauces/seasonings because I am severely allergic to MSG. So glad I cam across this and thank you for publishing. I cannot wait to try it!

  21. So glad I found this. Myself and 1 of my kids have a soy allergy. This will be great for stir fry recipes. Thank you!!

  22. I stumbled across this recipe about 2 months ago when I was on a cleanse and couldn't eat soy. When I was cooking the recipe it had a peculiar scent that I found to be off putting. However, I let the sauce cool and put it on some rice and it was amazing! I have had soy sauce since finding this recipe, many times but this is what I now crave when I'm eating rice. It is so beyond delicious and beats soy sauce any day. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  23. I started with this recipe: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/soy-sauce-substitute/ which is similar. I used coconut sugar and honey as a substitute for molasses. I also added crushed pineapple. It was delicious!

    This site has great alternatives for refined sugar: http://glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com/2006/09/sugar-blues.html.

  24. I had a really bad result to this recipe. It tasted really awful...
    Also when the sauce cooled there were hard lumps of fat in it.
    I used the cubes you dissolve in water for the vegeable broth. I guess that is where the lumps of fat came from...?

    I'm so disappointed.... I followed the recipe exactly... any idea what could have went wrong?

    1. Hello! So sorry to hear about your bad results. I'd start with using regular vegetable broth. I'm assuming you used bouillon cubes and I think 2 may be too much for this recipe. As for the fat there's no fat agents in the recipe so I'm not sure where that came from!

    2. Yep I used boullion cubes. I used 0.5 cubes as that's the equivalent of 1 cup of vegetable broth.

      What is considered 'regular vegetable broth' ?

    3. By that I mean the already made broth. If that's the only difference (I used boxed broth, you used cubes) I can't imagine what else it could be!

    4. Stephanie you are making my inexperience show. I'm starting to feel like a virgin all over again lol. At my supermarket they only sell the cubes... as far as I know... It would be awesome if you could give the brand or whatever you use so I can learn what boxed broth is

    5. Haha Ian, no problem! Some brands are Progresso, Pacific Natural Foods, Rachel Ray makes a version, even most grocery stores do. Here's a link of what you want:

    6. Be sure your boxed or canned vegetable broth does not contain soy. You can also simply make your own veggie broth.

  25. I an so excited!!! This recipe is fantastic. My son is allergic to soy and so many other foods and I had such a hard time finding a good recipe for soy sauce to make a stir fry. He loved it and I have to say I like this more than other soy sauce, I really like that fact that you can control the amount of salt. Thank you so much!

  26. Oh I am so happy right now. I have a son with a soy allergy and an adopted daughter from China. Now we can all eat Chinese food in peace :) Thank you!

  27. I am sensitive to soy and have cut it out of my diet completely. I hadn't found a good substitute for soy sauce -- I've been buying bottles of coconut aminos but they are difficult to find (I've only ever seen them at health food stores) and super expensive!!

    I found your recipe last night and got SO excited!! I made a batch and used it to marinate my meat and season my stir fry and it was incredible!!! Best substitute I've found! I adore soy sauce and can't wait to reintroduce some of my favorite dishes that include it as an ingredient -- you are a life saver!!!

  28. Is it possible to make a decent sizes batch ahead of time to have? So you already have your soy-free sauce ready when you need it?

    1. Sure, just double it/triple it/etc. I don't know how long it would last but you could probably freeze it.

  29. This is a good recipe! I use different broths depending on what I have on hand.

  30. Thank you for this recipe! My son has found out he is allergic to soy (as well as all nuts) so I am researching recipes and alternatives so I am able to cook for him. I have a thought/question. Since this makes quite a bit and I only use a little for stir-fry - could I freeze part of this in ice cube trays for future use?

  31. I found your recipe through google. Going to try this tomorrow. I'm allergic to soy as of 2 years. Looking forward to teriyaki chicken again ! Thanks !

  32. What are your thoughts on chicken broth instead of vegetable? I have lots of it... And do you think white or rice vinegar would be okay? Or are they too 'mild'?

  33. I routinely make beef bone broth and chicken bone broth to freeze and cook stir fry without soy.

    The one off note when I try to make stir fry sauce without soy is that it's not... bitter enough, The tannins help the mouth feel, I think.

    Balsamatic vinegar is a great idea as it is somewhat bitter. May I ask if the veggie broths you use are a bit bitter, too? I've never liked canned or bouillion veggie broths AT ALL, so I'd rather avoid having to buy it if i can figure out a different method.

    Another good approach to stir fry, I've found, is just to use Italian seasoning (no sauce)-- it works for veggies and meat if you're not looking for actual sauce. I often do this for a quick stir fry for myself but I would be reluctant to serve it to others.

  34. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I make this everytime we want to have Chinese food so my son can enjoy it too. We like it better then regular soy sauce

  35. Hi

    This might sound silly but what is vegetable broth? Is that vegetable stock?


  36. This recipe is good, been using it for a while, we do not get natural soy sauce where we live. I accidentally found a way to "enhance"this sauce to almost 90% there and can be used as dipping sauce. It started with my niece who went through a phase of putting green olives and ketchup on EVERYTHING, when I tasted her stir fry on a dare, I had to say it was good. Next time I made noy sauce I added blended to paste green olives( three olives) and a small dollop of ketchup( homemade/ store bought) it made this sauce as my niece would say awesome.