Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Recipe Remake Recap

April has been an incredible month in our house! Landon is flourishing. He is speaking so well, it's unreal. Hearing him tell little gossipy stories from his school is hysterical, seeing him really develop into a "person" who has detailed thoughts and plans is amazing, and watching his sense of humor evolve is so enjoyable. He also began soccer this week. Our local park system has a short series of classes for 2.5 year olds, so that has been fun too. In other news I have been named County Teacher of The Year and am in the running for New Jersey Teacher of the Year. It's crazy. Like I said... a good month, for sure.

There was a lot of cooking this month. I remade many things, some just because, and some for Easter. Overall a very yummy time!

To start, I remade my cake batter cookies as a thank you to the custodial staff in my school. They have been helping me immensely with a project I was working on so I wanted to show them my appreciation.

Whenever I have pesto I crave chicken pasta pesto bake. It's so simple but that's what I like about it. It's also great because I assemble it ahead of time and throw it in the oven at dinner time.

I found myself with extra bell peppers so I decided to make Mexican chicken pizza. I recently broke my pizza stone and replaced it with a new one that is amazing. It makes the crust so crisp... this pizza was incredible.

My grill broke. I'm beyond devastated (especially since it's BRAND NEW!!!) but before it broke I got in a few great meals. One was chicken caesar flatbreads. Landon wasn't about to eat the lettuce (shocker...) but he did house the chicken. It was incredible. I used Kraft's creamy caesar this time and really enjoyed it.

Another delicious grill meal we enjoyed was bang bang chicken skewers. I have to say, this is still my favorite meal. It's so beautiful and so flavorful. I made Landon some without the mayo (he's allergic) and he even was a huge fan. I need to get my grill fixes for 10,000 reasons, but this is my main one. I can't go weeks without this meal!

I also made my favorite, BBQ chicken pizza. I added tomatoes this time. Other than that, I made it as usual... and as usual, it was delicious.

We were getting together with family friends and I brought apple pie snickerdoodle bars. They were the hit of the show! I have to say they took twice as long (literally!!!) to cook this time because my filling was wetter than last time. Lesson learned- use just the apples and not all the goo in the can of pie filling. Even so these were a huge hit.

Now on to Easter. I started with my spinach dip. Every event I host requires it. I swear by using just sour cream and no mayo. It doesn't effect the taste but it saves on calories and I like the texture.

As a side I made three batches of cheesy garlic biscuits. We had a ton left so we ate them a few times over the week. They are excellent reheated! Just throw them in the oven for 10 minutes and they are as good as new.

Another staple that graces all family events is my corn casserole. This is another item that reheats so nicely!

Finally for dessert I made easy snickerdoodles. These were mostly for my sister and her fiance. Neither of them are big chocolate people (?!) so I always like to have something on hand for them. Landon got to roll the cookies in the cinnamon sugar and he really enjoyed that!

Last but not least was Texas fudge cake. This was even better this time than last time! I love this stuff, especially because it's so easy to make and really lasts well over time. This could be made a couple days before a party and still be perfect.

Until May... enjoy some of these delicious recipes!

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