Friday, February 28, 2014

February Recipe Remake Recap

I find I start these posts the same way every time. I say, "Wow, this month went by so quickly! How is it already XYZ month?" Booooring. So I've decided to take a new approach and give you some highlights of each month.

February was a great month for our family. I found out I was named District Wide Teacher of the Year. I teach in a HUGE district so I never expected such an honor. I am now in the running for county Teacher of the Year, so it's a very exciting time professionally. Landon is blooming. He is talking in full sentences, singing his ABCs, counting to 15 accurately (and then some random numbers thrown in after), and just becoming a full fledged person. It's amazing. John and I were able to get out this month and go out to dinner. We try to get out alone at least once a month, sometimes we get out twice, sometimes not at all. None the less it was nice to get out. Overall, February was a good month in the Stephanie Cooks household! It was also a yummy month, we had some great meals, both new and repeated.

With our 34093403 snow days I decided to bake cookies and went with krispie chocolate chip cookies. I am pretty sure I ate 80% of this batch of cookies. Oh man... I forgot how good they are. Too good really because I can't be trusted with them. Therefore I won't be making them again soon... they're just too good!

I remade a favorite stir fry of mine, chicken sriracha stir fry. It's so totally delicious. I didn't marinade it this time and I didn't have fish sauce so I used some teriyaki and it was still amazingly good. I like the green beans and bell peppers in the stir fry- it reminds me of Thai food!

For Valentines Day I hosted a little party for Landon's friends. I made some spinach dip, like usual. It all went so I guess it was a hit. I never, ever, ever get sick of this dip. I still use only sour cream and I got more compliments than usual. I don't think I'll ever add the mayo again.

Last minute lasagna is so easy that I find myself often adding it to the menu. This time I used fresh ravioli from our local Italian deli, and YUM! Fresh ravioli took it to another level.

John requested something with mushrooms this month and OF COURSE my mind went to chicken marsala casserole. Over time this has become a real favorite of mine. Landon isn't huge on his foods all mixing so I separated his serving into a pile of chicken, mushrooms, and rice. He took a couple bites then goes, "Mama, you make good rice. I want yogurt." Haha... well, so much for my good rice. I was happy to snag a few bites from his plate.

John also requested something with beef. Since I rarely make beef I decided to remake my sweet onion pot roast. As someone who doesn't even love beef I have to say this is good stuff. I had planned to just eat some egg noodles and carrots but I tasted the meat and ended up eating a small serving.

I'm trying to use up a box of Rice Krispie's so I made another batch of microwave chewy granola bars. John loves these things. Landon loves to pick off the chocolate chips. Overall they are a hit around here!

Really, would it be a recap without BBQ chicken pizza? No... no it wouldn't. I can't help it. I just love this darn pizza. After writing about it monthly there's nothing to say. I just love it and need it often!

I made firecracker chicken and broccoli for the first time about a month ago and have been thinking of it ever since. I really love the flavors and best of all I always have the ingredients on hand. This time I used a smaller baking dish and it didn't work as well- the sauce didn't thicken as nicely. It was still delicious but next time I'll stick to the 9x13 dish!

Monthly John has some guys over and we usually order pizzas. I decided to save the money this time and just make garlic bread stromboli. I made one chicken parmesan one and one plain. I didn't use as much butter and I'll tell you... I shouldn't have skimped. Never skimp on butter. Lesson learned.

Last but not least I made a batch of cake batter cookies for Landon's teachers for Valentines Day. I used Valentines M&Ms instead of chocolate chips and they were quite delicious. Landon was helping me stir and he knocked a good 1/8 of a cup of the cake mix on the floor so I was worried it wouldn't be ok, but really it had no effect.

Looking forward to March- warm days are hopefully around the corner!


  1. Landon is growing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Am i really that old?!?

  2. Great recap! Stealing your monthly review idea. :)