Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Re-Make Recap

Another month down, huh? I never realized how quickly the months flew by until I started writing these re-make recap posts. I hope you enjoy these posts. I'll tell you they have really changed my cooking in the sense that I make it a point to remake a few recipes each week instead of just always trying new stuff. January was a yummy month around here- you'll notice a trend: pizza and pasta! Apparently that was the name of the game this month! Let's get started, shall we?

Bruschetta pizza is just so stinkin' good. After Christmas we had a 1/2 used jar of bruschetta from Sam's that my mom had left here and I figured I better put it to good use. I used the jarred stuff instead of making my own like I did in the original post but it was still amazing.

If I had to pick the recipe I remake the most it's probably chicken cacciatore. I often find myself with scraps of bell peppers left and not sure what to do with them. Plus this meal reminds me so much of childhood that I just need it... regularly.

I went to Trader Joe's this month and they had the most delicious looking asparagus so I took it home and knew exactly what to make- roasted asparagus penne with balsamic butter sauce. It's a mouthful but it's delicious. When I made it the first time I was dairy-free due to Landon, but this time I poured a bunch of parmesan cheese into the skillet and it was goooood.

Sticking with the pizza/pasta theme of this month, I remade my FAVORITE pizza recipe, Thai chicken pizza, for the first time since being allowed to have soy again. Oh yum- how I missed thee. I don't know what it is that's so good about this, but it's just delicious.

One of my favorite breakfast recipes are these mini cinnamon oatmeal muffins. I've used apple cinnamon, maple brown sugar, traditional cinnamon, and a few other kinds of oatmeal in these over the years and I think my favorite combination is 2 packets of maple brown sugar with 3 packets of apple cinnamon. To me that's the winning combo of flavors. When they came out of the oven Landon was in his highchair eating a snack and kept pointing to them saying, "That! That!" I gave him a taste- he spit it out and cried. Clearly we're not all fans in this house...

I made this recipe for lighter garlic cream pasta as a side dish and only had linguine in the house so I used it, figuring it wouldn't be a huge difference from the angel hair as far as taste goes. Meh. I love it with angel hair... it was good with the linguine but it wasn't as good. (I realize I'm nuts and all pasta tastes the same but I am particular about my shapes!) It was still totally delicious and Landon ate a ton of it.

I swear I made stuff that wasn't pizza and pasta in January, it just so happens that I didn't REMAKE anything that wasn't pizza or pasta except for this recipe for crockpot chicken and wild rice. This yields a ton of food which you wouldn't expect from a small box of rice. This was the perfect meal for these cold, miserable days we've had here in NJ lately.

I found a great sale on Boboli pizza crusts (don't judge- I love them once in awhile!) this month so we had pizza weekly... which really isn't a problem for us. We love pizza. But we also love variety. Since 90% of the pizzas I make have chicken on them I decided to make a meatless version and remade this tomato alfredo pizza with great success.

Last but not least we had this lighter lemon cream pasta a few days ago and I was raving the whole time I ate it about how delicious it is. I left out the lemon zest this time because my microplane was dirty and I was lazy but it was still so delicious and lemony.

I hope you all had a yummy January! See you here with another recap in a month!

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  1. Hi Steph!!!! I posted your revolutionary mac and cheese recipe on my blog!! haha it was definitely the BEST advice EVER!! =o)