Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cheesy Garlic and Herb Bread

I love garlic bread and seriously don't understand how someone could not like it. I mean, bread-good. Garlic-good. Butter-very good. Put it all together and you get an amazing side. Now, add some cheese to it and we're talking! When I made the Alouette pasta I was left with half a tub of this cheese and knew I'd need to incorporate it into several meals and dishes. I wasn't worried about this task since Alouette cheese is amazing, and I have to say this bread was delicious. I made it on roasted garlic ciabatta bread and there were chunks of roasted garlic throughout, topped with melted Alouette cheese... ugh, heaven. John and I were both silently gobbling up this bread which is always the mark of a good meal!

Source: Stephanie Cooks Original

1 small loaf (about 10 inches) roasted garlic ciabatta bread, or any ciabatta/Italian bread
Alouette garlic and herb cheese
1-2 tbsp. butter
Garlic powder
Kosher salt

1- Slice the loaf of bread in half. Spread a thin layer of alouette cheese over both sides of bread.
2- Slice the butter very thin and lay over the bread evenly. Sprinkle with garlic powder, salt, and parsley.
3- Toast until golden, slice and serve. 

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  1. YUM - I could eat this as a meal every. single day!