Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best of 2009

Hello my lovely readers. This year has been an amazing year for my little ol' food blog. I went from having about 20 subscribers on Google Reader to 428 as of yesterday. I went from one follower on Blogger to 47. While these numbers are small comparably to many food blogs this is huge for me. This was my first full year of food blogging and this huge increase in followers means someone likes me, right?!

I wish you all a wonderful, prosperous, safe, happy, and healthy New Year. Now- on to the food!

My Top Recipes of The Year (In no particular order)

1. Confetti Cupcakes- These things knock Funfetti out of the water. I will (shamefully) admit that I like boxed cake mix BETTER than most homemade cake. Most homemade cake it less moist, or perhaps I just don't know people who make rocking cakes. This however, is a winner.

2. Banana Crumb Muffins- I made these awhile ago, long before most of you knew my little blog existed. They were very moist and the crumb topping really added a lot to these. Also, they bake up beautifully and have a fresh from the bakery look, smell, and taste. For those reasons I think they need to be highlighted!

3-Garlic Rice Pilaf- If you routinely read my blog you know I don't frequently repeat recipes. HOWEVER.... this rice has been made and made and made. What's not to love? It's low-fat, full of flavor, and EASY. I have a coworker who makes this routinely as well, so I know it's a winner.

4- Corn Casserole- This recipe is a winner! It is so good that it has become a staple at holiday celebrations. I made it for Easter and Thanksgiving. Both times it was the most popular and well received dish. My sister-in-law even entered this recipe in for submission in her company cookbook- it's that good people.

5- Buttermilk Pancakes- When I took the first bite of these I swooned. I had found "MY" pancake recipe. One day... many many moons from now... my children will eat these and swoon too. This is a recipe that I will use and cherish for a long, long time.

6- Japanese Cucumber Salad- I chose this recipe for two reasons. First being it was the first picture I ever had accepted on Food Gawker/Tastespotting and I was so proud of myself! Second being it's just so darn good. It's tasty, healthy, basically no calories, and beautiful. Win win!

7- Chicken Marsala- This recipe is a classic. It's delicious and easy to make. I made it twice this year- once being for a party of over 20 people. I received rave after rave about this recipe. I loooooove it.

8- Bagels- I never thought I could possibly make bagels. In January of 2009 yeast was on my "nuh-uh, no way, no how" list. I have overcome that fear this year and made several delicious yeasty things! These bagels are delicious and a very proud moment of mine in the kitchen.

9-Festive Fall Cupcakes- These are just so darn cute. I think that's all I need to say about that!

10- Cookies with Royal Icing- I was scared to first make these but once I did there was no going back. These weren't my first attempt at royal icing- this picture is actually of the third kind I made this year. They definitely were the prettiest so I chose to use them for my recap, but my original post with the recipe is linked through the above post. Beautiful, artistic, and tasty.


  1. Hello! I just can across your page from the WW boards. I see that you are a wonderful cook. Are these recipes WW friendly? If so, could you include points values? I would love to try some. Thanks!

  2. Marlaina- Most of these are NOT WW friendly bc I wasn't following WW most of this year. On the right hand side there is a WW tag with WW recipes. Now that I am back on track there will be many many more to come! The WW ones all list points at the bottom of the post.

  3. It's been a year of yummy dishes. Love you baby!

  4. How funny! You are my go to blog every week for recipe ideas and meal planning, yet I've never used any of your top ten!

  5. I found your page when I was looking for italian rice balls. My husband and i did the food tour of Greenwich Village at Thanksgiving. It was wonderful. I just made your rice ball receipe. They held together well. I think they might need a bid of salt. I will take them next door for New Year's Eve.


  6. congrats on a great blog year!! i love your blog-keep it up :)

  7. Great roundup - I really want to make your confetti cupcakes! I conquered my fear of royal icing and yeast this year too. Happy New Year!