Friday, October 30, 2009

Festive Fall Cupcakes

These cupcakes were inspired by a photograph of cookies I came across in a magazine. The decorations were meant to top a thick, chocolate cookie but I decided to improvise and turn them into cupcakes for my students' Halloween party. I have been dying to make this design on cupcakes/cookies since the day I bought the magazine and I am so glad I finally got around to them! They came together quickly and are very impressive looking. I definitely made these for myself (and of course you!) because I am sure my kids will pull all of the decorations off and lick the frosting but that's ok- I love them!

Source: Inspired by Harvest Baking Fall 2009

1 batch of cupcakes, frosted with vanilla icing
Pumpkin candies
Milk chocolate Twizzlers
Fall leaf sprinkles


1- Cut the Twizzlers into 3 inch pieces. Take each piece and slice the top in half lengthwise. Turn the Twizzler and slice in the other direction.
2- Fan out the four "branches" of the Twizzler and push it into the icing.
3- Sprinkle on the fall leaf sprinkles around the "branches."
4- Lay a pumpkin down at the bottom!


  1. SO CUTE! I love the use of chocolate twizzlers... great idea!

  2. Very cute!! Love using the different candies to create the Fall scene!

  3. adorable!!! i love this idea! thanks for sharing :)

  4. These are so adorable!!! Great job!!! I will have to make these for Thanksgiving for my husbands kids (he is a school teacher too!)!

  5. They are super cute cupcakes, love the twizzler trees! We have included them in our fall feature at

  6. Adorable...making these for my child's first grade fall party! Thanks for the perfect idea:)