Saturday, April 14, 2012

Southwestern Quesadillas

John walks in the door at 7:30 daily. Landon goes in the bathtub at 7:45. That means we have 15 precious minutes to shove food down our gullet eat. This also means I have to have dinner on the table at 7:30 in order for us to get the baby into bed by 8 and prevent a total meltdown. Yeah, I basically dread 7:30-8 nightly because it's so jam packed. But let me give you some insight into how 7:00-7:30 goes in my house. Because honestly, that's not much better.

7:00- "Oh look- it's 7- I should start dinner. The baby is calm, I'll put him on his play mat so I can start." Landon happily lays on his mat and I go into the kitchen to start cooking. "Hey... this is going smoothly!" (Btw those words are the kiss of death... even if you just think them in your head...)

7:05- All the ingredients are out and I am cooking. Landon notices that my hands are covered in raw chicken and begins to cry, frantically, because well, this would be the most inconvenient time to flip out. I wash myself up, calm him down, and go back to cooking. Look at me- SuperMom!

7:15- The tortillas are on the pan. The filling is starting to melt. And I hear grunts coming from the mat. Landon rolled over and is stuck by the table. I run over, spatula in hand, and scoop him up. I then run back to the stove to make sure the tortillas don't burn. Success! I go to put Landon down but now he's tired and wants to be held... Which is dangerous... so I turn on the Baby Crack (Baby Einstein) and pray flashing lights will buy me 10 minutes. But now 10 minutes have passed because I can never work the Xbox...

7:25- The quesadillas are kind of burnt, the baby is kind of happy, pictures are kind of being taken... and the door swings open. Ahhhh, back up is home! John walks in and the "busy time" can begin!

So these quesadillas, while exhausting to make due to running between the stove and baby, were excellent. The best part was the garlic gold nuggets. These spices aren't well known but they are amazing. I'm on my third bottle (Southwestern flavor this time-  my fave is the Italian one) and use the different varieties in everything. I don't push products but this is one I highly suggest!

Source: Stephanie Cooks Original, inspired by my friend Natalie

Grilled Chicken
Diced red bell pepper
Diced pineapple
Flour tortillas
Cheddar cheese
Southwestern Garlic Gold nuggets (or regular Southwestern seasoning)
Cooking spray

1- Sautee the chicken, red bell peppers, and pineapple with a little cooking spray until warmed through.
2- On a large pan sprayed with cooking spray lay down the flour tortillas. Top with cheddar cheese, chicken filling, and a liberal amount of southwestern seasoning. Top with an additional tortilla and cook until browned and crisp.


  1. That scenario brings back memories. Cooking was hard enough at that age...I'm not sure I would have been able to blog, too. Frank was working crazy hours at that time also. It's not easy! But the quesadillas look great :)

  2. Sounds very similar to an evening at my house! These quesadillas sound delicious!

  3. Yes, the life of a mother! It's good!
    The quesadillas look yummy, perfect meal.
    Fun post--brought back memories (I had our first 4 kids in 5 years), mostly good.