Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Round Up

Howdy! Is anyone else teeming with excitement about Thanksgiving?! I feel like it's my birthday- I am so excited. I'm going ALL OUT this year, and I can't wait to share my kitchen goodness with you. However, I'm gonna make you wait for it people. To be honest, I am being a brat (hehehehe) and don't want my guests to see what I have in mind before Thursday. Am I nuts? Yes. But if you read this blog you already have your opinions formed.

So anyhoo.... Here are some Thanksgiving inspired recipes I've made in the past. If your menu is still up in the air or you're still tweaking a few things, these are tried and true recipes from the past. Some of them will be making a repeat performance this year.

In no particular order...

Cranberry Sauce... sweet and delish. Give up the can- this takes no time at all.

Stuffing... by far my favorite stuffing recipe.

Creamy Mashed Potatoes... rich, decadent, and sinful. The picture? HORRIBLE. Let's hope I don't forget to photograph this years Thanksgiving dinner!

Lighter Mashed Potatoes... not as decadent but still just as good. And the photograph doesn't make me cringe- yayyyy.

Corn Casserole... This is probably my "signature" dish. I serve it at all holiday parties and it is always the first thing to go. I am tripling the recipe this year- I can't seem to make enough of it! Again, pardon the photograph- I crack under pressure.

Roasted Green Beans... This stuff is vegetable crack. It's so good. Just make it.

Thanksgiving Sugar Cookies... I love sugar cookies with royal icing. Plus they make the table look pretty.

Spiced Applesauce Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting... This is on my menu this year! YUM!

Pecan Pie Cookies... These are Thanksgiving dessert all rolled up in a tidy package. I loved them last year.

Fall Cupcakes... Perhaps not 100% Thanksgiving related- but they are so cute- I couldn't help reviving them in this post.

This year I am making a lot of the items above, plus several new recipes- two new breads, two homemade butters (well, semi-homemade- I wasn't churning butter), some new appetizers, and a new side dish. I.Can't.Wait.

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