Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

One of my favorite convenience foods is a rotisserie chicken breast. John and I both only eat white meat so a whole chicken would go to waste. However, the breast is perfect and usually big enough for two meals. I wanted to make something quick with the leftover chicken and made this wrap with what I had on hand. Oh man it was goooood. I love simple, healthy food that tastes like it's bad for you. This my friends is exactly that. You can always substitute whatever veggies you have on hand, I just used bagged salad mix and it was quite wonderful. If you are looking for an easy dinner idea try these out.

Source: Stephanie Cooks Original

Yields 1 wrap

1 Whole Wheat wrap (I used Trader Joe's brand)
3 ounces cooked, hot chicken
2 tablespoons hot sauce or buffalo wing sauce
2 tablespoons of reduced fat Mexican blend cheese
1 cup of assorted veggies (I used 5 lettuce blend salad mix)

1- Cover the chicken with the hot sauce and dice up into small pieces, tossing to coat.
2- Lay the chicken flat in the middle of the whole wheat tortilla. Top with the cheese and veggies.
3- Starting with two opposite ends, pull them in and overlap them over the center of the mix. Starting at the end closest to you, tuck the end over the folded pieces, pulling in to cover the filling. Roll and slice down the center.

Serve with ranch dip (additional points).

** 7 WW points when using a 3 point whole wheat tortilla


  1. YUM! I love buffalo chicken stuff.

  2. I knew I had to try these wraps as soon as I saw the recipe. Simple, easy and great tasting. Thanks for the WW points.