Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Balsamic Chicken Parmesan Sandwiches

I made these sandwiches over the weekend and they were awesome. Honestly, they were much better than I expected! The chicken was moist and tender and the sauce complimented it well. I wanted to make the chicken grilled instead of fried in order to cut back on some of the calories and it was really good. I would suggest making these if you are short on time but want something delicious.

1 pound of thin sliced chicken breasts
Sub rolls
1/2 block of Mozzarella cheese, sliced thin
Tomato pesto sauce (or any tomato sauce you like)

1/4 cup of balsamic vinegar
1/4 cup of EVOO
A couple shakes of garlic powder
A couple shakes of onion powder

1- Place the marinade ingredients inside a gallon sized zipper bag. Shake well to combine. Add the chicken, allow to marinade a minimum of 2 hours.
2- Heat up a grill pan with non-stick spray and grill the chicken until cooked through, place aside and cover.
3- Slice the sub rolls in half. Spread a thin layer of tomato pesto sauce on each side of the roll.
4- Place cheese on one side of the roll to cover the sauce. Place chicken on top. Cover with the top of the roll.
5- Spray the grill pan with cooking spray. Place the sandwiches on the grill for a few minutes until warm and grill marks form. Carefully flip the sandwiches over to grill the other side.


  1. Mmm these look so good - perfect for lunch!

  2. Made these for dinner tonight. It was great and easy, perfect for weeknight meal. I used garlic and herb parmesan buns for the bread.