Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Catalina chicken

My poor mom. She fought a losing battle trying to make dinner for all of us. I didn't like red meat, Dad didn't love pasta, my sister was pickier than all of us, and veggies caused a fight... I can't imagine. Luckily chicken was (pretty much) always safe. This is one of the chicken meals that my mom made pretty frequently throughout my childhood. It's not a culinary masterpiece but it is tasty! I like to serve it over egg noodles, but rice or mashed potatoes also work. It produces a lot of extra sauce so you want something to use the sauce with!

Source: My mom =)

3-4 chicken breasts
About 1 cup of Light Catalina dressing
1/2 packet of Lipton's onion soup mix

1- Preheat the oven to 375.
2- Lay the chicken in a shallow baking dish.
3- Sprinkle the onion soup mix evenly over the chicken.
4- Pour the dressing over top. (At this point you can pop in the fridge to marinade, or proceed to step 5)
5- Bake until the chicken is cooked through.


  1. I used to LOVE Catalina dressing. It was the only type of dressing I would eat!! I haven't had it in forever, but I will have to pick some up now!

  2. So simple but so tasty! Good idea :)

  3. I remember my French Canadian grandmother making this for us when I was a kid. I always thought it was some special French Chicken dish- it has CATALINA dressing and FRENCH onion soup mix!

  4. So delicious. Thanks for another wonderful meal.

  5. Do I just coat the onion soup mix and Catalina dressing on one side of the chicken breasts? I'm confused.


  6. Jason- when you pour the soup mix and dressing over the chicken it will spill down to the bottom to cover the chicken. If you want to be sure the bottom of the chicken is well coated you can flip it but I never do and it works out fine.

  7. Hi Stephanie,

    I finally tried this recipe today, and it was delicious! I can't believe how easy it was. I've always loved Catalina dressing (haven't had it in years), and the Lipton soup mixed in tasted perfect. Thanks so much! I like reading your blog. I'm a VERY VERY BASIC cook, though. lol

    Off subject -- I was wondering if you could recommend a decent brand of cookware? All I have are things that people gave me when I moved out on my own into my own apartment, so I don't have anything really good. I was hoping to buy something that's not too expensive but still good. Is T-Fal good? It's cheap, but I don't know, it might be TOO cheap. What about Rachael Ray's stuff?

    Sorry so many questions!! Thanks again for the recipe.

  8. Hi Jason!

    I don't have any top of the line cookware- I actually have Emerilware. It's made by Emeril but it is by the people who make All Clad- which is very top of the line, so it is good quality. What I would recommend if you don't want to drop a pretty penny is to go to Home Goods or TJMax, Marshalls, etc. They usually have great pieces and you can pick up the ones you need. They have stuff that ranges from brands I've never heard of up to Le Creuset which is so so expensive. I have gotten a few nonstick pieces there that I love. I suggest having a few nonstick and a few stainless steel pieces.

    I don't have any experience with the Rachel Ray stuff, but I would assume it's probably similar to the Emeril which serves me well!