Friday, May 15, 2009

Strawberries and Cream

This recipe was excellent and light. Typically it wouldn't be worthy of a blog update, because really it's THAT simple, but it is also pretty and delicious. I made these as part of the strawberry platter I served on Mother's Day and they were so good. Enjoy!

12 large strawberries, washed (I used about 20)
Fat free whipped cream

Cut the greens off top of strawberry so when you flip it around the strawberries sit flat. With a sharp knife cut slits all the way down the berry in an X shape, careful not to cut through. Arrange strawberries on a plate, and open them like a flower. Fill with whipped cream.

** 1 Weight Watchers Point per 3 strawberries

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  1. So elegant! I like preparing this with whipped cream & vanilla (or chocolate) pudding mixed together and then stuffed into the strawberries. Delicious!