Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Marbled Royal Icing

Over the years I've made sugar cookies with royal icing many times. I have made them for small parties, large parties, and everything in between. With that said, I remember being very pregnant and working on a huge order for a friend, hysterically crying to John that I was NEVER making these cookies again because they take so long and I was so tired. Well, that didn't last very long! When my good friend Kristen asked me to make them for her baby shower I was thrilled to be part of her special day by making the favors. I have found that the only thing I don't like about making sugar cookies with royal icing is waiting for the flooded icing to dry and then decorating. I decided to try marbling my icing to cut out this step and I'm so glad I did. The process is so easy and the results are so beautiful! These were my favorite cookies I have made to date- I really loved how the marbled icing came out. If you have never tried this technique definitely give it a shot, I can assure you you'll be pleased.

Source: Annie's Eats

Royal icing
Tooth picks

1- Decorate your cookies as you usually would- piping on the border and flooding the cookies.

 For hearts: As soon as the cookies are flooded, drop circles of the accent color into the flood. Use a toothpick to drag through the center of the circles to create a heart.

For zigzags (not pictured): As soon as the cookies are flooded draw lines with the accent color. Use a toothpick and drag through the lines in a straight line. Repeat as needed, continuing to go in the same direction with each drag.