Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Spinach Dip Chicken

Unlike the rest of the world, I didn't resolve to lose weight this year come January 1. My food related resolutions were simple: cook more/waste less. I have thrown out full pounds of chicken more than once many times because I let it sit too long. Oh and forget leftovers- if I had a little bit of this or that leftover I'd dump it (after it sat forever, with me promising myself that THIS time was different- I'd use it!). Now I am trying to really repurpose my leftovers and not waste. We'll see- so far so good (yet... it's only been 4 days...)

This chicken was an example of my efforts to waste less. I had made spinach dip for Christmas and had a tiny bit left in the fridge. I decided to repurpose it as a topping for chicken and boy am I glad I did. This was a hit in our house! Surely you can use any spinach dip you have- you don't need to use my recipe- but if you do that's even better ::wink wink::

The best part of this dinner is that it's easy. Bread the chicken, bake it, top it, bake it, eat it. If I find myself left with dip again I know what I'm making- so yummy.

Source: Stephanie Cooks Original (Inspired by Oishii)

2 thin chicken breasts
1/3 cup panko (or bread crumbs)
1/8 tsp. garlic powder
1 egg
Cooking spray
1/2 cup spinach dip (or any variety you have)

1- Heat the oven to 350.
2- In a bowl, beat the egg.
3- On a separate plate combine the panko (or bread crumbs) and garlic powder.
4- Dip the chicken in the egg, then in the breading.
5- Place in a dish that's been sprayed with cooking spray. Lightly cover coated chicken with cooking spray.
6- Bake for 10 minutes.
7- Remove from the oven, top with the spinach dip. Return to the oven- bake until chicken is cooked through and the dip is hot.


  1. This looks delicious. I love your new blog design by the way, so cute!

  2. I wish my family liked Spinach Dip, this looks awesome!

  3. Hey, I just found your blog! I love it! And the design is very cute! Can't wait to read more : )

  4. Stephanie, I LOVE this idea!!! I'm definitely putting it on my list to try!

  5. I made this for dinner on Thursday night and we really enjoyed it. My husband is a big fan of spinach dip, and it ended up being a great way to jazz up chicken. Thank you for sharing!