Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Baby Cupcakes

When I first saw these cupcakes on Taste and Tell's blog I was in love. They are just precious! I was dying for an occasion to make them. Today my friend Sue from work found out she is having a baby boy (YAY!!!) and I wanted to make a surprise to bring to work for her to celebrate the exciting news. I decided to go with these cupcakes. I did make a few changes (::coughs:: short cuts ::coughs::) but I thought they came out pretty cute! On Taste and Tell she used candy melts and chocolate for the eyes and smile. Hers came out AWESOME! She also has step by step pictures which helped me a lot. Below is my version.

Source: Taste and Tell

1 batch of cupcakes, any flavor
1 batch of frosting- Duncan Hines Buttercream was a very nice shade of cream- not as white as it looks in photos
1 tube of black frosting gel
1 tube of blue (or pink!) frosting gel, refrigerated
1 bag of life saver candies

1- Once cupcakes are entirely cooled top with frosting.
2- Using the black frosting gel create two eyes on each cupcake.
3- Next form the smile, leaving a gap in the middle for the pacifier.
4- Using a butter knife, stab the cupcake in the center of the gap between each half of the smile (this is where you will push the life saver).
5- Using the blue (or pink!) frosting gel create an oval in the middle of the smile.
6- Push the life saver into the frosting.
7- Refrigerate to set.


  1. I think I actually like your short-cut cupcakes better than the originals! So cute Steph!

  2. They were ADORABLE!!!! Thanks a bunch! :D

  3. These are so cute - great job!