Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Bunny Cake

I am hosting Easter this year and it is my first time hosting a holiday in my new house! I am so excited. For the next week or so I will be updating with multiple recipes from Easter dinner. The first of these is this cake. I got the idea from my friend Kristen and I loved it immediately. It is not difficult but it can be a bit time consuming. Feel free to use any cake recipe or frosting recipe, I used funfetti cake mix thought because it is my absolute favorite!


2 9inch round cakes, cooked and cooled cooled
1 tub of frosting
Assorted decorations (I used mini chocolate chips and colored sprinkles)
Food dye pen


1- After the cakes are cooled, place one aside. That cake will become the face.

2- Place the second round cake on a flat surface. Using the food dye pen draw two ears, one from each side of the cake. The center part remaining will become the bow tie.

3- Using a sharp knife cut along the food dye lines.

4- Assemble the piece on a flat surface. Use a knife to cut down the ears if they are too tall or don't lay flat with the head.

5- Once all of the pieces are assembled you can then begin to frost the cake.

6- Using mini chocolate chips outline the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. Then use candy sprinkles to color in the various pieces of the cake.