Sunday, February 15, 2009

Crisp Hash Brown Potatoes

I had planned on making a nice breakfast on Valentine's Day but John went down and ate cereal before I had a chance (boo) so I decided to make it today. I wanted to make hash browns to go with the breakfast since that is one of my favorite things to have for breakfast when we go out.

When I was in high school I worked at this dreadful breakfast/lunch place once a week. For some reason I always got stuck shredding the potatoes for the hash browns. I remember their hash browns being awesome so I decided to mimic them the best I could. This recipe is really simple and results in tasty hash browns. Enjoy!

2 large potatoes, shredded
1 tablespoon of butter, melted
Lawry's Seasoning salt (or regular salt if you don't have Lawry's)
Cooking spray

1- Coat a skillet with cooking spray and heat until the pan is warm/hot.
2- While the pan is heating press the potatoes between paper towel to remove excess moisture. Mix in the melted butter and seasonings to taste, stir well.
3- Put large spoonfuls of the mixture into the hot pan. I formed them into circles and ended up with about 8 circles.
4- Heat for about 5-6 minutes on each side, or until brown and crisp. Using the back of your spatula periodically press the potatoes down to release moisture and help the potatoes crisp.

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