Monday, April 29, 2013

April Recipe Remake Recap

I'm posting this a day early because I have an awesome Toddler Tuesday recipe coming your way tomorrow! April was a little light in the remake department. For starters I had a lot of struggles with Landon and his eating through the majority of the month so I was sticking with very simple/basic/safe foods that I knew he'd try. Secondly I made a bunch of new recipes and did a fair amount of ordering in. So needless to say it's a little light this month, but what we had was good.

We started the month off with last minute lasagna. I've made this 6-7 times now and each time we are pleased. It's so simple- ravioli, sauce, spinach, cheese. It's that simple. Also I love meals I can make ahead and throw in the oven. I made this on a Sunday night and baked it Monday night for dinner. Perfect when I am rushing around like a chicken with my head cut off!

In an effort to get Landon to eat I also remade these cheesy sweet potato nuggets. He refused to eat the fried ones but chowed down on a bowl of the cheesy mashed potato filling. Fine by me. I should also add I've had two readers tell me these fell apart for them and didn't fry up well. I can't say why because I've now made them successfully twice, but if you do have that issue I'd add a bit of a binder (some egg would work) or make sure your potato filling isn't too moist.

At least once a month I find myself with leftover rotisserie chicken and no direction as to what I want to do with it. More often than not I make simple cheese quesadillas with it, but this month I remade these chicken corn and pepper quesadillas. Once again we loved the flavors! Total hit.

Sticking with the lasagna theme I also remade the crockpot spinach lasagna. This time I used the oven ready noodles and saw no difference in the process, so that's good. I also let it sit on warm this time for a few hours because I made it while at work and it did dry out a bit, but nothing a few ladles of sauce couldn't fix!

Last but not least I just remade these BBQ chicken rolls this past week. There is just something satisfying about flakey pastry, cheese, and sweet BBQ chicken. John took one for lunch and said it reheated perfectly, so next time I might make a double batch so he can take them for lunch a few times in the week.

See? Very light on the remakes! But what that means is I have quite a few delicious new things coming your way!

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