Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Re-make Recap

February felt really short to me. I know it's the shortest month so you don't need to remind me of that, I'm just always surprised when I find myself at the end of the month, pulling together another one of these recap posts. This month was busy- I had parent teacher conferences which takes up a few nights, some family events, and just a ton of social events. There hasn't been as much cooking this month as usual but what we did have was delicious. Let's get to it.

One recipe I make constantly is these baked chicken fajitas. Over time my recipe has changed and I no longer use the diced tomatoes and instead add a healthy dose of Southwestern Garlic Gold nuggets. I just prefer them without the tomato taste and love the kick the garlic gold nuggets give. These are truly always delicious. Best of all every so often my grocery store sells a pack of sliced bell peppers and onions. Whenever they have them I always instantly turn to these fajitas for an easy dinner.

Italian macaroni and cheese is just amazing. Add this to your menu immediately. As I was making it this past month I reread my old post and noticed I had written about seeing this as a meal I would one day enjoy with my kids, and I smiled to myself as that came true and I served it to my son (who did love it.) So I called that one a few years in advance!

If there's one meal I should be making more often it's this bacon pierogie bake. It's just so stinkin' good. I typically make pierogies a couple times a month but I usually just toast them up with some butter and toss them with parmesan cheese, so this is a nice treat and adds some variety to the menu.

My students earned a celebration this past week for meeting an academic goal I had set for them and they decided they wanted a "preschool day" so we painted pictures and ate cookies and juice. Clearly my fifth graders have some childhood dreams they want to live out! I made these sprinkle cookies for my one student who has a chocolate allergy. Delicious!

I just posted this recipe for chicken parmesan pasta this past month and I've already remade it. It's just so easy! And so good. Easy+good+ingredients on hand=dinner.

I am a huge fan of spicy tomato sauces and tend to throw a healthy shake of red pepper flakes in any sauce I make, but this arrabbiata sauce is just perfection. It has a depth of flavor that really is remarkable. I used it for my crockpot lasagna and it was just wonderful. It definitely has a kick and I was worried Landon wouldn't eat it but when I was having some with just some pasta for lunch one day he kept stealing my noodles instead of his less spicy variety. That's my boy!

I'm pretty sure I posed this BBQ chicken pizza in another recap post but since it's my favorite pizza it made the cut and was on the menu again! Over time this has adapted and I use cheddar instead of the gruyere. I know it might sound strange but try it. Oh it's good!

There are few meals I love as much as this chicken marsala casserole. Over time I've changed it a bit and I now use about 2/3 cup marsala wine and 1/3 cup light cream instead of 1/2 of each in order to enhance the marsala flavor. Even Landon loved this so hooray for that! Total winner in this house. And best of all I usually have all the ingredients on hand so it's an easy meal for when I don't know what to make.


  1. Bacon perogie bake is a favorite here too!!!

  2. Bacon perogie bake is a favorite here too!!!