Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Sugar Cookies

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Valentine's Day tends to be a holiday that you either love or hate. I waiver between the two. I hated it when I was single and then the first year or two that I was with John. I felt that I was a fake for now loving Valentine's Day just because I had a boyfriend... but that was many moons ago and now I just love it. It's nice to take a day and appreciate the person you love. Hearts, glitter, pink... all fun things! I think I really love it because I get to experience it every year with a bunch of first graders who just enjoy passing out their little cards, seeing who gave them what, etc. They make the holiday even more special because it reminds me of being a child and spending what felt like hours picking out which cards I wanted to buy for my friends!

I made these sugar cookies for our Valentine's Day party. I had the kids all bring in cut fruit and veggies for the party but I wanted to provide one FUN snack for them. I know blue isn't a traditional color but if I am being honest I was trying to make purple! I was mixing blue and red food coloring but no matter how much red I added it stayed blue. I gave up, figuring the kids wouldn't judge, and sure enough they didn't. They loved the cookies and called me "the best chef in the world!" I'll take that complement any day. I wasn't thrilled with my piping on these- it was too runny and ultimately the edges weren't clean enough for my liking. I was rushing to yoga and wanted to pipe the outline before class so I did all 24 cookies in 5 minutes so honestly that's why the edges look messy. Meh- note to self, don't try to pipe 24 cookies in 5 minutes!

For the cookie recipe and icing recipe, please go to my old blog post here

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