Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Cookies

In honor of Halloween being right around the corner I am going to post 3 tasty Halloween treats this week, starting with these cookies. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays (although I am likely to say that about every holiday- I love holidays!) Growing up my dad took trick-or-treating VERY seriously. He would plan out which developments we would go to based on the closeness of the houses, how many homes had steps, etc. We would go for hours and hours, filling up pillow cases full of candy. I would then hide the candy in my bottom draw and throw it down the hallway so my sister would chase after the candy instead of pounding on my door and begging me to play with her. Yeah, that was evil. I know. I regret it. Now as a teacher I really love Halloween crafts, treats, and fun with my kids. It's just a good time!

This was my second time working with royal icing and it was much more successful. Last time it took me a VERY long time and I felt nervous the whole time. This time the process was much smoother and I felt more in control. I can't wait to make my next set of cookies with royal icing- it's just so pretty and fun!

For the recipe for both the icing and cookies, see my past blog post.

And just for fun, because the picture came out so cool, this was my icing when I mixed the black gel into the white icing.


  1. awesome job with the piping! Your new header is too cute.

  2. Aww! These are so cute!!


  3. I love them! Awesome picture btw, of the icing :)

  4. Super cute!! I love that pic of the black icing. :)

  5. cookies definitely look cute and the swirled icing looks fantastic!