Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cake Balls

John's office is having a bake sale and John asked me to make something. I have been meaning to make cake balls for a long time. I wanted to make red velvet cake balls but the food store didn't have it so I went with white cake and red food coloring (Hey- Valentine's Day is a few days away so I'm in the spirit!)

Let me just say... these were a disaster for me. They taste yummy but UGH- what a pain! All of the things that went wrong were my own fault (such as not letting the balls cool enough, getting frosting everywhere, etc.) so I am sure if you make them you will have much more success.

I don't know the origins of this recipe because I have seen it floating around a long time. It may have come from Allrecipes originally, but they are worth the trouble and are delicious.

1 boxed cake mix, cooked according to directions
1 can of frosting
melting chocolate (I used a bag of white chips and a bag of semi-sweet)

1-After the cake cooks and completely cools, crumble it into cake crumbs.
2- Mix in the frosting (I used the whole can)
3- Roll into small balls and allow to cool for several hours.
4- Melt the chocolate, dip each ball in chocolate and allow to sit on wax paper to cool.


  1. These sold out and got a lot of love from my coworkers. Good job. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

  2. the first time i made these, it was a complete disaster, too! i had so much trouble coating them with chocolate that I just gave up and left them un coated. People still loved them, though. I just made them again this weekend and only coated half in chocolate. That worked much better.